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Our Newsletters - 2010 -2022

Beaver Winter food_edited.jpg

USFS Center at Taylor Creek completed a new boardwalk, so Rainbow Trail will no longer flood from beaver activity.  Tahoe Donner also re-did a boardwalk, to be above their beaver ponds.  

Maintenance at the USFS Taylor Creek Pond Leveler, and additions to the Rabe Mdw. -Kahle Dr Leveler at Jennings Pond - thru ice!  Attended the 1st BeaverCon, a national beaver conference  in Baltimore, MD and presented Toogee's "Sand Paint trees to Create a Cleaner lake Tahoe"

Installed a Pond Leveler at SLT at Rabe Mdw-Kahle Dr where beaver activity was flooding a nearby trail. Toogee's trail cam footage of beavers building their dam was used in the film "Beaver Believers" by Sarah Koningsberg, shown at Banff Mtn. Film Festival World Tour 

SWC Board Meeting

Dwayne, Sherry, Toogee w/ Max & Miss Lily

SWC Board Meeting at Taylor Creek.jpg

Refreshed sand-paint protecting aspens at USFS Taylor Creek - after 3-4 years it was starting to wear off as the trees grew.


SWC donated 18 "PooPoo screens" from Teton Raptor Center, in memory of Ted Guzzi, which the USFS used to screen vents on vault toilets at SLT trails to prevent birds getting trapped. 

2018-Fall, Banff_edited.jpg

SWC volunteers protected trees from beaver chewing with abrasive sand-paint for USFS at Taylor Creek, for a homeowners association in Reno, and for Washoe Lake State Park, Nevada

Toogee - Mosquito Larval Study, Glenbroo

The heavy winter storms of 2016-17 not only washed out the main beaver dam at USFS's Taylor Creek, but also washed our Pond Leveler. We found most of it downstream, along with a big new beaver lodge! 


For Glenbrook's Homeowners, Toogee conducted a Mosquito Laval Density Study, monitoring 6 sites, every 2 weeks, for 6 months, which showed mosquitoes were NOT breeding in beaver ponds.

Mosquito Larval Density Study

USFS replaced and added to a falling-down boardwalk at Taylor Creek, with a new viewing platform well above the creek (and beaver activity). Toogee and Dwayne continue to assist the USFS in fish passage for the Fall Fish Fest.  We also installed a Pond leveler for a homeowner in Grass Valley.

Our (this) website went public, after many hours put in by founder Sherry Guzzi.  We attended all the usual festivals from Earth Day to the Fall Fish Festival, and the Martinez Beaver Festival.

Toogee Seilsch on TV.jpg

Toogee on TV-Channel 8, Reno

Taylor Creek with Smokey.JPG

w/ USFS Jean Norman and Smokey Bear

Bv tracks, snow, Tahoe Vista.JPG
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