Our Story

 We formed in the fall of 2010, when our local county road department (DPW) killed a family of beavers in Kings Beach.  They had killed another beaver family in the same location in 2009.  They hired a state crew to destroy the beavers' dam and lodge, leaving the adult pair and 2 kits (babies) with no protection for several days before hired agents came and shot the family.  Not only is this continued killing inhumane, but it is also costly to taxpayers year after year.  The 2010 costs alone amounted to about $10,000 (the California Conservation Crew cost $8,500 for the week, per the CCC Director, plus an estimated $1,500 in county costs for administration, refuse disposal, erosion control, and the county wildlife agents who shot the beavers).


We formed an unincorporated non-profit association to work with agencies and homeowners to employ simple and non-lethal solutions for living with our local beavers and all wildlife.  Through education, we try to bring an appreciation of wildlife, and provide knowledge of easy precautions to avoid and/or solve any conflicts.

Our Newsletters  2010--2019

SWC Board Meeting at Taylor Creek

Dwayne,Sherry,Toogee, w/ Max & Lily

Toogee - Mosquito Larval Study, Glenbroo
SWC Board Meeting at Taylor Creek.jpg

Mosquito Larval Density Study

Taylor Creek with Smokey.JPG

w/ USFS Jean Norman and Smokey Bear

Toogee Seilsch on TV.jpg

Beaver tracks in snow

Bv tracks, snow, Tahoe Vista.JPG

Toogee on TV-Channel 8, Reno

Our Volunteers

Sherry Guzzi

Co-Founder of Sierra Wildlife Coalition, Director-North Lake Tahoe, Secretary-Treasurer; she's a retired architect and has lived and worked full-time in the Tahoe City area for 40 years

Dana Spencer

Our most versatile Volunteer, Dana has helped with Pond Leveler installations, many tree-protection sand-paintings,

and also at our SWC booths at festivals

Janet Baldridge

Always helpful at our SWC booths at Festivals - Earth Day at Squaw, Martinez Beavers in Martinez, CA and at USFS's Taylor Creek near South Lake Tahoe


Ted Guzzi


Co-Founder and Executive Director;

His degree in biology and experience as a contractor who specialized in custom log homes were invaluable for installations of Pond Levelers and other devices, and his artistic talents are seen in all our graphics.

Toogee Sielsch

Director-South Lake Tahoe and Media Spokesperson, he coordinates our work at the US Forest Service's Taylor Creek and other sites;  he is also a trained volunteer for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

Dwayne Crenshaw

Star Volunteer for both 2016 & 2017,

Dwayne was always ready to help.  Dwayne moved back east this year to be with family. He will be missed!

Sheri Hartstein

Wildlife Photographer and volunteer,

her photographs grace our displays and presentations. 

Neighborhood Volunteers

We can always use feedback from local residents and visitors - let us know about beavers in your 'hood - and especially if you see any potential problems, so we can offer easy and practical solutions.