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Beaver Resources and Information

There are many groups around the United States and the world that promote beavers to benefit watersheds, and there is a wealth of research supporting and explaining those benefits.  Below are links to some of them -

For up-to-date info on beaver doings around the world & links to  information, a great website is from Worth a Dam in Martinez, CA   courtesy of Heidi Perryman, PhD.


An early refuge and more resources for co-existing with beavers is

Beavers Wetlands and Wildlife in New York at


The Beaver Institute,  is a newer national 

non-profit providing information and training to resolve conflicts with beavers, supporting scientific research, & increasing appreciation of beavers' ecosystem benefits, Mike Callahan,


'Protecting infrastructure and ecosystems', the developer of the

"Beaver Deceiver", Skip Lisle  


The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center's (OAEC) WATER Institute

is active statewide promoting beavers and watershed restoration,

and home of the CA Working Beaver Group at 

Other websites for beaver advocates and information  -


Wildlife 2000, Sheri Tippie solves problems & relocates beavers

PO Box 6428, Denver, CO 80206, phone 303-935-4995

The Lands Council - Advocates for Inland NW Forests & Wildlife  (under 'what we do'/beaver solution)


Grand Canyon Trust, Mary O'Brien  (look under 'water')


Unexpected Wildlife Refuge, Inc. in Newfield, New Jersey


South Umpqua Rural Community Partners in Oregon 2019 Beaver Conference (bi-annual)


Three papers published in the CA Fish & Game Scientific Journal establish beavers' historical range in the Sierra Nevada & Coastal CA

at <> go to "Browse articles"


The historical range of beaver in the Sierra Nevada: a review of the evidence, Lanman, R.B., Perryman, H., Dolman, B., James, C.D.

CA F&G Journal 98(2) Spring 2012

Novel Physical Evidence that beavers historically were native to the Sierra Nevada, James, C.D., Lanman, R.B., CA F&G Journal 98(2) Spring 2012

The historical range of beaver (castor canadensis) in coastal California: an updated review of the evidence, Christopher W. Lanman, Kate Lundquist, Heidi Perryman, J. Eli Asarian, Brock Dolman, Richard B. Lanman, Michael M. Pollock, CA F&G Journal 99(4) Fall 2013




Occidental Arts and Ecology Center's (OAEC) WATER Institute 

compiled an excellent "Benefits of Beaver to California & Management Strategies Resource List", including organizations and websites:


Local research, just north of Truckee, on benefits of beavers to trout:

Another source of current information and discussion about beavers is Beaver Solutions LLC facebook page Beaver Management Forum


And for information and current beaver populations and research in Scotland see the facebook page Save the Fre Beavers of the Tay


Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter by Ben Goldfarb - the story of how nature's most ingenious architects shaped our world, and how they can help save it


The Beaver Manifesto by Dr. Glynnis Hood, 2011 - Dr. Hood has studied beavers for decades in Alberta, Canada


Beaversprite: My Years Building an Animal Sanctuary

by Dorothy Richards, 1983 - a fascinating account of befriending and studying beavers in an enclosure next to and partially in her home.


Beaver Tales by Audrey Tournay - who rescued and raised beaver kits , and founded the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Canada


The Beavers of Popple's Pond by Patti Smith - stories and wonderful sketches of a beaver clan in Vermont


Beavers for Kids by Patricia Corrigan - a delightful book to teach children about beavers.

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