Contact Us:

Contact us with any information on beavers, any dams or chewed trees in your neighborhood-
We can prevent any problems and offer non-lethal solutions, but only if we find out in time.
Or if you have any questions or concerns - email us at  
Our cell phone is 530-320-9923 (but you know reception around here - leave a message!)
Our mailing address is PO Box 7763, Tahoe City, CA 96145

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Donate or Volunteer

We really need Volunteers to just monitor creeks in their own neighborhood (see above)
since we can't be everywhere.  There are beavers on almost all of our perennial creeks, and  most people don't know about simple solutions to prevent any damage from beaver activity.
We are an "unincorporated non-profit association" registered with the State of California,
but do not yet have our "501(c)(3)" status, so donations are not fully tax-deductible quite yet, 
but we do very much appreciate any and all donations, whether of your time or money.  :-)
For now donations can be mailed to
PO Box 7763, Tahoe City, CA 96145



Your generous support will help fund projects such as -


​-Pond Levelers (aka Flow Devices)

to prevent flooding from beaver dams

​-Tree Protection for homeowners


​-Educational materials for booths 

​ And much more...